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The three top causes of back pain

Back pain is one of the most common problems physical therapists treat. At any given time, about 25 percent of Americans report having low back pain. In most cases, the discomfort is mild and goes away on its own. But for some people, it can become chronic and affect your quality of life. Several conditions

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A massage for muscle pain

What do back pain, shin splints and tennis elbow have in common? They all stem from overused muscles, which can lead to discomfort and a reduced range of motion. For years, many people simply lived with these problems. Today, a treatment called Active Release Techniques (ART) can help you find relief. Here are answers to

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Conquering chronic pain

About 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain—any discomfort that lasts for longer than three months or beyond the normal healing time. It can be caused by anything from an injury to diabetes or fibromyalgia, and it can lead to depression, job loss, anxiety, disability and financial problems. Fortunately, with proper treatment, people can have

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