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Cynthia S.

Accolades to Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehab. You saved our hiking vacation in Costa Rica! With my torn meniscus I could hardly stand. With your help and accelerated treatment, you saved our expensive vacation and had a great time. My husband even started coming in as a patient and both of us are so pleased with your services, everyone is so nice here too.

Victor T.

It has been a pleasure having my physical therapy at Advanced PMR. The staff is so exceptional in their ability and demeanor. The office and therapy areas are immaculate. I have improved rapidly since coming here for treatment and would recommend anyone to come here.

Elaine S.

“No Pain, No Gain to me means Less Pain, More Gain!” For five years I have needed a cane or a walker to be mobile. Four months ago I became a patient of Dr. James Coomber at Advanced PMR. In four months of time he has helped me with caring and friendly physical therapy. He has taught me to stand erect and for the first time in five years I walked 35 feet without any assistance. After four other therapists, Dr. James has the correct physical therapy exercises and has helped me, even for a short distance, to walk unaided. He is highly professional and I look forward to walking and standing erect always in the very near future. From the very minute you enter the building you are greeted by George and you know you are in good hands with Advanced PMR.”

Nicholas M.

I became a patient at Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation after many years of PT at various facilities in New Jersey. As someone who has had several orthopedic surgeries followed by physical therapy I can evaluate the difference from the patient point of view as to the approach and results by working with exceptional people at Advanced Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. They look at the patients problems as a whole then determine the real cause of your problem before they develop a treatment plan to eliminate the pain and correct the true cause. By following the plan they develop for wellness you can live with less pain, be more productive and return to an active lifestyle. Progress can and will be made by working with this group of dedicated people who have one goal that is your good health.

Cheri C.

Professional, experienced and knowledgeable. That is the kind of physical therapists you will find at Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Lake Como, NJ. Writing a testimonial for Dr. James Coomber, PL DPT, is on easy task since James is a caring individual who is dedicated to the care and well-being of his patients. James extends his knowledge to his patients; explains the components of a personalized program; and how it will provide a process of recovery that is right for you. James also explains in depth (for my concerns in particular) how the knees and back function with the rest of your bones and muscular system; and why these problem ares are so painful when not functioning correctly. James for example, explains how to sit and bend knees properly, and lift correctly etc. to give your body better care. Which I should have been doing for years!

If you have spent any time in physical therapy at various therapy facilities, I doubt you have spent time where you were given personalized care. The care I had previously received was one where I spent a total of 15 minutes with the therapist; and the remaining time I had a non-certified person help with with heat and cold applications; and then left to complete a list of exercises on my own. Now that may be adequate for a “therapy mill” but as a baby boomer-aged patient, I expect better care.
You will find the hour spent with Dr. James Coomber, and other physical therapists like him at APMR is spent in their undivided attention ensuring a successful recovery. Jame will guide you with additional exercises in order to help you develop a home program to gain strength and agility. Of course, my treatment started when I was in a great deal of knee and back pain making for example, stairs and normal lifting difficult. James is very conscientious of my pain tolerance, and I began to trust his judgment in knowing when I could increase the repetitions and amount of time for exercises, each, and every visit. After working exclusively with James, I noticed improvement in just the first two weeks. Not only do I sense greater mobility, my co-workers have noticed my improved agility and movement since my therapy treatments with James. James is conscientious and professional at all times and is focused on my care.

The facility at APMR is not a cold, medicinal type of faculity, but one that is quite welcoming. The atmosphere is on of a “spa-like” setting, tastefully decorated with inspirational posts and affirmations where privacy for each patient is considered through the use of small therapy areas, and screens. Although I have not received treatment from Dr. Dan Reizis, Pr, DPT, NASM-CPT, as a therapist, I do know he ensures that the facility runs smoothly and is well kept. The facility is immaculate and refreshments such as bottled water and coffee are available. Products to lessen back pain and analgesic skin cream may be purchased as well as other small exercise equipment such as orthotics, straps and pillows.

Do no just take my word for it, make it a point to visit the facility and you will find out first hand for yourself how therapeutic Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation really is.

If you have ever wondered about acupuncture therapy as a treatment for pain, then you should seek the healing care from Moises Moris, a Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist. When I began physical therapy at Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, it was suggested that I make an effort to schedule time with the resident acupuncturist. At that time, I had never used acupuncture as a resource to aid In pain management. My insurance covered it so I made an appointment. Through the use of acupuncture, these past few months have shown a tremendous decrease in pain for my knees and back. This therapy In conjunction with physical therapy has made all the difference In my quality of life. Moises Is an accomplished young man and well versed in the use of acupuncture for pain management.

Moises has a way of putting you at ease and answers any questions you might have regarding the use of Chinese Medicine. The procedure is painless and very relaxing. The treatment is given in a privacy room at APMR. The treatment time is so relaxing you might find yourself falling asleep. Moises has also used acupuncture to aid my other areas of concerns such as indigestion, asthma, tendonitis and arthritis in my shoulder. At this time, I am so glad that I took the recommendation of Dr. Coomber, and scheduled that first appointment for pain management. Moises works closely with the physical therapist to combine both treatments for a well-rounded program.

Moises is a very skilled certified acupuncturist who will find the best treatment for you. Moises has an ability to teach you about the treatment you receive which is an additional bonus. Continuing acupuncture will become a part of my preventive medicine/healthy living program. Moises ls enthusiastic about his chosen field and approaches concerns with a holistic outlook and tremendous patience. So many of my pain Issues have been resolved without the use of invasive measures. Moises has an Intelligent and intuitive quality, which puts me at ease on the very first visit and has helped me to relax during the sessions. After just two weeks, I recommended APMR to my friends and colleagues for both acupuncture and physical therapy.

Terri D.

“How would you rate your pain today, on a scale of 1 to 10?” This is the question that began each of my visits to Advanced PMR. Having been treated at four other physical therapy groups over the past ten years, I had heard the some question before, and had a preconceived notion of the core I would receive here at Advanced PMR: A different therapist for each appointment; same routine each day; left on my own for the duration of the exercise; no personal connection when my slx weeks were up. I would be sent on my way.

What I discovered at Advanced PMR, however, was a level of professionalism and concern among the staff that was remarkable. As a team, they worked not only to relieve my pain, but to correct a problem that was causing my repeated Injuries. Jess. Dan. George, and James worked continually with my insurance company to make sure my treatments could continue until I was better.

I was amazed at the knowledge and expertise that James demonstrated during my physical therapy sessions and the level of individualized care he delivered. During each session after a quick analysis of my condition James would devise a regimen of treatment and exercise for that hour, tailoring the program to my needs as l progressed through the exercises. James showed such patience as he demonstrated each move for me, and then gently corrected my efforts. He fully explained each maneuver and now It would contribute to my recovery. Educating me this way gave me the confidence to continue the exercise routines at home.

Adding acupuncture to my treatment was a new experience for me. l was apprehensive, Moises quickly put me at ease. His treatment helped to speed my recovery. I am so thankful that l found my way to Advanced PMR. It was joy working and learning from all of you over the past five months. Thank you so much for the care and concern you showed me during my treatment. How would I rate Advance PMR on the care I received, on 0 scale of I to 10? I would rate Advanced PMR a 12. I’ll be spreading the word!


Since I started treatment here my experience has been great. All cravings have been gone or barely there at all. I don’t think about using the drug I used for such a long period of time. All employees are cool and helpful which makes the experience even better!

Tom R.

Living a very active lifestyle I have used acupuncture and physical therapy for the past 5 years. I found Advanced PMR 4 months ago and it has been a transformative healing experience. I started going 1 hour a week and increased to 3 hours a week as the benefits became more evident. Those 3 hours have translated into my work production increasing by 20%- doing 6 days work in 5. The benefits of better sleep, increased flexibility and mobility have continued to improve the quality of my life in and out of work. I am no longer wasting energy with the mental and physical distraction of pain and stiffness. I am at the point where I have started boxing again against men half my age!

Vicki E.

Before coming to Advanced PMR I never thought my neck, back or facial pain would be cured. Moises used acutron to help me with the pain misalignment in my face. without him l would be lost! The physical therapist. James. helped me with my neck and back I saw many other physical therapists in the past for the same problem, however James is the only person who has the correct physical therapy exercises for me and was able to get me where I am today. The new therapist Jacob is also highly skilled and terrific!

Tyler C.

Dan has been helping me recover from a knee injury I suffered while playing soccer. Through Dan‘s very personalized and focused attention, l have been doing much better. Not only is Dan an expert at his craft but also takes the time to get to know me and really tailor my rehab to fit my goals and needs. All the staff has been extremely friendly and helpful. Thanks to them I should be back on the soccer field in no time. Thanks guys!

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