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All day yesterday and all of last night I had NO pain in my right foot or thigh. Couldn’t believe it when I woke this morning; at this time still NO pain. I am “heal, toeing” to death as I walk. If this keeps up until Monday you will have to ask your Mum if I can adopt you! Thanks a ton!

Brian T.

My excruciating back and neck pain has been greatly eliminated and relieved because of the hands-on therapy of both Dr. Dan and Dr. James. The exercise routines I‘ve learned were incorporated into my regular routines. Having the correct posture while working out has reduced the injuries I used to experience when I previously worked out. Just recently I was introduced to the nutritionist, Christine. She introduced me to a very sensible dietary regimen and consistently works with me to monitor my nutritional needs.

Arlene E.

Through the years I’ve been to several PT offices and I found that they treated me like a number. I was given my exercises to do and the PT’s moved on. But here Dan stays with you every step of the way, always thinking of ways and ideas that are even better for your individualized pain. There have been many times I personally have wanted to QUIT but not Dan. he’s no quitter!

Charles L.

Advanced PMR is a place of health and wholeness. It begins with the welcome extended by Jess and the care provided by Dan. It is all very professional without being disconnected or cold. Healing happens there and I am grateful to have experienced it.

Mary Ann P.

The first day that I visited Advanced PMR, Dr. Dan asked me, “What hurts?” Having suffered many years with rheumatoid arthritis, I replied. “Everything” The next step was to decide what was hurting the most that day. I could hardly raise my right arm and had very limited range of motion at the elbow Dr. Dan put his “MAGIC” hands to work and after three visits, no more pain and full range of motion. He has since treated my hands, knees. shoulders and back. Never did I imagine that physical therapy could afford so much relief. It, of course, depends on the kind of therapy one receives, I now know. This is no run-of-the-mill therapy. I have been the machine, the bicycle, only once in the almost three months of sessions (two or three times a week).

Dr. Dan offers one-on-one, hands on therapy. He is. while totally professional, friendly, considerate and caring, as is the atmosphere of the office. It is very relaxed and comfortable.

Dr. Dan and Jess are two very professional, warm and caring young people and I love my visits with them. Dr. Dan‘s treatments have made a dramatic difference in my life and well-being and I am grateful.

Christine G.

I’ve had trainers In the past but none that compare to Lenny. He mixes up every session and challenges every muscle-or so it seems! I’ve never worked so hard or saw such changes in my body without using machines.

Lenny knows his stuff. He is quick to adjust an exercise to compensate for my injury and then offer a stretch for when I‘ve done too much.

He clearly has a passion for training which shows in the work he does. Lenny is the best!

Jamie V.

Before Lenny I had never trained with a personal trainer, so naturally I was nervous at first. From the second I walked in the door, Lenny made me feel so comfortable. I have seen such drastic results from my workouts and enjoy going to work out with Lenny, even though it is tough while you’re doing it!

Michele G.

I have been a patient of Dr. Daniel Reizis since May 2010 for a severe cervical neck injury I had developed from a personal trainer at my previous gym. Although, Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation opened in May 2011. I knew Dr. Dan from his previous medical establishment he worked at. His superior care and knowledge is very difficult to find these days and I travel over 30 minutes 3x a week for treatment at his OWN medical practice. Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. GOOD LUCK DR. DAN WITH ALL OF YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS!

Also. I feel it’s important for me to mention in this letter what Dr. Daniel Reizis did for me. When I first injured my neck in May 2010. the pain was so unbearable that l couldn’t even walk, sleep, sit or even eat. There were many of times I went back t0 his office even after he worked on me for three hours and would continue treatment again after I returned to the office crying in tears!!!! Not once did he ever stop to think he couldn’t help me. He was always the first therapist out of many to run to my side to provide me with the utmost quality care. I WOULDN’T HAVE MADE IT THROUGH THIS INJURY WITHOUT HIS CARE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID FOR ME!

After returning to Dr. Daniel Reizis for my cervical neck problem in May 2011. I started Personal Training with their trainer, Lenny Procopio. Lenny has many years of experience and is a highly qualified trainer. Trust me! You will see his knowledge throughout your workout and you will DEFINITELY see your body transform right before your eyes. Lenny is just simply amazing! He is very kind, caring. understanding and has been totally awesome creating and developing a challenging but fun workout program. He also knows how to modify all of his routines for his physical therapy patients to avoid further injury or pain they may endure during exercise due to their injury. As a physical therapy patient his modifications are very important since I have a tendency of not knowing what my limitations are. I know I can be a very stubborn client and will admit I think I’m invincible. But Lenny knows exactly what my body can and cannot handle and will not go to the next level until he knows you are physically and mentally set. This alone makes Lenny very unique from other trainers out in the field today. I know from first hand experience that many trainers do not take your abilities into consideration and push you to the next level even though you are not ready. BELIEVE ME! I found this out the hard way. This is how I met Dr. Dan Reizis. But, since I am in the hands of a HIGHLY QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED trainer such as Lenny Procopio, I know I don’t have to worry about any future neck injuries.

Thank you Advanced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for hiring an OUTSTANDING TRAINER for all of my future fitness goals.

And of course, thank you for all of your superior and quality physical therapy treatments!

Phyllis H.

The first time I came to Dr. Dan for treatment, I knew I found the best, and am exactly where I belong, as I had spent approximately one year searching for the right Physical Therapist.

I have had trouble with my spine and all of its accompanying problems and weakness for many years. Since Dr. Dan has begun his therapy on me, I have not felt this good in a long, long time. He also helps me with strengthening muscles, as well as with balance and everything and anything that he believes is necessary and will help me. I trust him completely.

In addition, I am able to work on the treadmill longer with the incline raised higher. At home my stamina is greatly improved. God works through Dr. Dan’s hands. He has a heart and he is kind and caring while maintaining complete professionalism and having the highest integrity and honesty.

I look forward to going each time. Jessica is the first smiling, friendly, and beautiful face you see when you walk in, and, when you get to know her you realize how special she is. All of the personnel help to make an atmosphere that is like family.
Dr. Dan truly cares about people and he will help you. I thank God for bringing me here.

Claire M.

My experience has been pleasant, fun and fruitful. I am stronger and in a lot less pam- everything POSITIVE. I am grateful for the help they have given me I am truly impressed with the professionalism of this staff and impressed with Dr. Dan’s dedication and sincerity. Lenny is patient and knowledgeable; he also instills a lot of confidence in me. Advanced PMR is a great place to come to get better and stronger!

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